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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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  • Sapphyre Onyx Dry Herb Vaporizer
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Sapphyre Onyx Dry Herb Vape Pen


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Product Description

Onyx by Sapphyre – Dry Herb Vaporizer

Hit counter, LCD Battery display, Dry Herb/Wax/Oil Compatible + a wide array of attachments just to name a few!

The Onyx by Sapphyre Vaporizer is our premier dry herb vape pen. Stylish and designed with portability in mind, this vaporizer pen can be carried discretely wherever you go. Utilizing the most advanced vaping technology available, we’ve developed a dry herb vaporizer capable of delivering a powerful vapor flow and a smooth vapor flavor unlike that of other herbal vape pens. You’ll be able to put it to good use with vaping styles ranging from concentrates to from dry herbs. You won’t need butane or a lighter with the Sapphyre Onyx advanced vaping system. Just fill your Sapphyre Onyx loose leaf vaporizer with your preferred dry herbs and you’ll be ready to start vaping in style.

Designed and developed utilizing specialized know-how and years of vaping technology expertise, the Sapphyre Onyx is a herbal vaporizer like no other.  It utilizes the latest in vape coil and ceramic technology to heat and vaporize dry herbs at optimal temperatures. It’s easy to use and was designed to be vape ready in virtually any condition—from a windy day on a boat or a rainy afternoon at the park to the top of a mountain or on your living room couch. You’ll only need to charge your Onyx Vape Pen for two hours before it’ll be ready to use. Simply fill the ceramic heating chamber with dry herbs, press down on the power button, and a short inhale will be all you’ll need to start vaping.

Sapphyre’s Onyx is the Ultimate Portable Dry Herb Vape Pen!

Vaporizing raises the temperature of dry herbs in order to release desirable components in vapor form, without the problems associated with combustion. Instead of burning herbs and paper with flames and thereby releasing smoke associated carcinogens, dry herb vape pens use electricity to vaporize the active molecules in dry flower herbs. The Sapphyre Onyx Vaporizer pen is one of the most effective and efficient Dry herb vapes available. The Onyx vape pen is discrete and can be easily used in public with no unnecessary attention and problems.

You Can Customize Your Sapphyre Onyx Herbal Vaporizer

The Sapphyre Onyx Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen is a highly customizable vaping product. Because it boasts industry standard 510 device threading, the Onyx by Sapphyre is compatible with literally dozens of attachments for vaping e-juice, wax dabs, glass globes and more!

Delivering More Power to Your Herbal Vaping Experiences

No experienced vaper enjoys waiting 20-30 seconds before their vape pen even starts producing vapor. Well, because of the Sapphyre Onyx Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen’s advanced heating coils, vapor delivery and the best vaping you have ever had will be nearly instantaneous.


The Sapphyre Onyx battery uses the latest in Lithium Ion battery technology. It has an LCD display for hit count & battery life monitoring, as well as faster charge times than comparable vaporizers.


  • 1 ReCharge Tip-Recharging Battery 
    30 ClearView eLiquid Tanks (choose tobacco or menthol)
    1 Tip-Recharging USB Charger
  • User’s Manual


Charge your Onyx for 2 hours, your charger will be removed while charging and will turn green once the battery is full.


We recommend charging your Onyx device for at least 6 hours on the first charge. This will condition the battery for future battery life span.


 Remove the chamber connector from the ceramic heating chamber.

  2.  Fill the ceramic heating chamber with your herbs. Use the packing tool to gently pack the chamber with your herbs (do not over pack).  Always grind herbs before packing.

  3.  Screw the chamber connector back into the ceramic heating chamber.
With your Onyx connected you are now ready to vape!


With your Onyx ready for use, hold the power button down for two to three seconds to activate the heating element. With the button still held down, put the mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale lightly. Enjoy!
Your Onyx vaporizer will automatically shut off after 9 seconds of continuous use (the light will blink). Wait 3 seconds before activating again.


Charge your Onyx vaporizer for approximately 2 hours.The LED will display while charge and full. Remove battery from charger once the battery is full as shows. When the LED display shows empty the device needs to be charged.
Charging Options

  • USB Charger- Connect directly to any USB port

  • Wall Adapter- Works in conjunction with the USB charger
Car Adapter- Works in conjunction with the USB charger


When using the Sapphyre Onyx Vaporizer for an extended amount of time, the filter may get clogged and dirty resulting in a difficult draw and lower volume of vapor being released through the mouthpiece.
To clean the ceramic Heating Chamber:

  1.  First disconnect from battery

  2.  Use the brush tool to gently clean the walls of the Heating Chamber.

  3.  Do not push all the way down and touch the heating element.

To clean the Ceramic Filter:

  1.  Use a paper clip or a pin and insert within the holes.

  2.  Push all the way though to ensure clear airway. Wipe clean with a cloth.

To clean the Rubber Mouthpiece:

  1. 1. Use a cotton swab and wipe the inner part of the rubber mouthpiece.
2. Wipe the mouthpiece with a damp paper towel.


  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the chamber connector.

  2. Unscrew the chamber connector from the ceramic heating chamber.

  3. Turn the chamber connector upside down and the mesh filter should fall out easily. Use the spoon end of the packing tool if necessary.

  4. To remove the spring from the chamber connector hold the spring at the highest part possible twist counterclockwise and quickly pull it through the smaller opening of the chamber connector.

  5. The spring is very delicate. If it is stretched from original size, it should be replaced.

  6. Onyx is designed to pack herbs as needed.


  1.  Place the spring, smaller end first, into the chamber connector. Gently pull through the other side until it’s secure in its place.

  2.  Place the mesh filter tool to press the filter inside the chamber.

  3.  Use the packing tool to press the filter in firmly and evenly.

  4.  Screw the chamber connector to the ceramic heating chamber.
 Insert the ceramic filter to the mouthpiece.

  6.  Connect the mouthpiece to the chamber connector. Make sure the mouthpiece is pushed all the way into the chamber connector. If the mouthpiece does not go all the way down then the mesh filter will not lie flat, and needs to be readjusted.


  • For best results, do not pack the ceramic heating chamber too tightly with your herbs. This will ensure easy air flow passage for Heating.
  • Remember to hold the power button down for at least two to three seconds before inhaling to activate the heating element.
• Between use, wait three seconds before reactivating the device.
• In the event that vapor is not being released, use the packing tool gently to rotate and lightly re-pack the herbs within the chamber.

  • For best results, break the herbs up by hand or grind them. Be sure to remove all stems and seeds before filing the heating chamber.


Do Not fill chamber with any steams, seeds, or liquid.

Do Not touch the metal spring for at least one minute after use as it will be hot.

Do Not drop your Onyx vaporizer.

Do Not put your Onyx vaporizer in water or any other liquid.

Do Not put any foreign objects into the opening of your device.

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